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Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

  • The MIAM is a meeting between you and a mediator to explore if there are alternative ways to find solutions to the problems between you and your partner or former partner.

  • We normally see the ex-spouses separately first. Most of our clients tell us that they prefer a separate confidential introductory meeting with a mediator.

  • The purpose of the assessment meeting is for the mediator to provide you with information about the mediation process, to discuss all available options for resolving your dispute and help you prepare for mediation.

  • The meeting normally lasts approx. 45 minutes.   


  • The mediator will assess if mediation is suitable and undertake screening for domestic abuse and child protection issues.     

  • The mediator will assess eligibility for legal aid and advise on cost and time scales for mediation. 

  • The mediator will assess the issues to be mediated upon from the information provided by each party during the meeting(s).

  • This will enable the mediator to consider, with your input an agenda for the first mediation session.


  • If you decide that you do not wish to proceed with mediation or the mediator decides that mediation is unsuitable then a C100 form (for parenting) or Form A (for finances) may be provided to enable you to make an application to the court.   

  • Forms A and C100 are valid for 4 months from date of your assessment meeting.

Ask your mediator a question

Thank you for your enquiry about family mediation. We will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours. If your query is urgent, please telephone 07787 424 832.


Q: ​What is different about making an appointment online?

A: Our new online booking system makes the appointment scheduling more efficient and paper-free. Effectively, you can view your mediator's real-time availability and book a meeting directly in the mediator's diary. 

Check availability and make an appointment online

Q: Do I have to attend this meeting? Can't we start mediation without it?

A: Mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMs) are an integral part of the mediation process. Mediation may not begin without prior assessment and preparation. 

Additionally, from April 2014, anyone applying to the court for assistance in resolving disputes regarding children or finances will be required to attend a MIAM.

This includes applications for:

  • Child Arrangements Order

  • Specific Issue Order

  • Prohibited Steps Order

  • Parental Responsibility Order

  • An order appointing a Child’s Guardian

  • Removal from Jurisdiction Order

  • Special Guardianship Order.

Q: How do I know if I am exempt from attending a MIAM?

A: Section 3 (Pages 5 to 8) of the C100 form (child arrangements) and Section 3 (pages 6 to 9) of the Form A (financial orders) outline the conditions under which you are not required to attend a MIAM before applying to the court.

Q: My partner has been abusive to me. Is it safe to attend a MIAM? 

A: We will ensure your safety. Please let us know about your concerns in your mediation self-referral form or over the telephone. The details of your appointment will be kept in confidence.

Domestic abuse and separation (external link). 

Q: Can I have an interpreter at this meeting?

A: It is perfectly acceptable for an interpreter to be present, but he or she must be a professionally qualified and registered translator and not a family member or a friend. We can assist you with booking a professional interpreter or provide you with information about the local translation services.

Q: Can I bring my new partner and my children to the meeting?

A:  We recommend you speaking with your mediator before bringing someone with you to the meeting. We have waiting facilities for a family member or a friend but unfortunately no staff qualified to supervise children. It is not appropriate for children to be present at the assessment meeting.

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