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How much does mediation cost?

Mediation is a cost-effective way of reaching agreements after separation. It is much less expensive than going to court. It helps to avoid costly legal proceedings and save valuable time.

Our accredited family mediators charge £120 for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (this includes the cost of signing of the court forms, if required) and £120 per hour per person for mediation and document preparation.

We take part in the mediation voucher scheme which pays up to £500 towards the mediation fees for eligible participants. For more information about the vouchers please visit the Family Mediation Council website.


Legal Aid 


If you are assessed as being eligible for legally aided mediation, the costs of the mediation will be fully met by the Legal Aid Agency. Your assessment meeting (MIAM) and all mediation sessions will be free for you. The Legal Aid Agency will also cover the cost of one meeting with a solicitor for you.


Additionally, the assessment meeting (MIAM) and the first mediation session will be free for your partner or former partner, even if he or she is ineligible for legal aid.

L E G A L   A I D   A V A I L A B L E

Your mediator will explain which documents you will need to bring with you to the initial meeting and guide you through the legal aid assessment.

You can provisionally check if you can get legal aid here. 


Form A/C100

Mediation is not always suitable. If your mediator determines that it is not appropriate in your circumstances, or if one or both of you decide not to use mediation, your mediator  can sign your court application forms A and C100.

Open Financial Statement

An Open Financial Statement is a financial summary that documents your financial disclosure. It is drafted by your mediator at the start of the financial mediation process.

Memorandum of Understanding


Memorandum of Understanding is drafted by your mediator upon the successful completion of your mediation. It contains the matters and resolutions achieved and it will act as the basis on which your solicitor can draft your legally binding court order.

Rescheduling and Cancellations


If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you can do so free of charge up to 2 working days prior to your appointment.

If you do not wish to rearrange, you will receive a full refund within 5 working days.

Cancellations with less than 2 working days' notice are charged in full (read full policy).

You can rearrange or cancel your appointment:

- over the telephone 07787 424 832

- or e-mail

Legal Aid
Cancellation policy
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