What is the process?

There are different ways someone can start mediation.

Some of our clients are referred to us by a family solicitor, others are referred by the court. Most people contact us directly and self-refer. 

It makes no difference how you come to us and whether you contact us first or you are the one we contact to offer mediation, following a referral from your ex-partner. Your mediator will be impartial and treat you with respect and understanding.

Free Mediation Clinic

Making an initial appointment

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

Mediation Sessions

Free Follow Up Sessions

Online Services

Free Mediation Clinic

We offer an opportunity to any person wishing to find out more about family mediation free of charge and without having to book an appointment with a mediator.

You are welcome to ask us any questions about mediation using the "Ask your mediator a question" form on this webpage, emailing us at admin@yourmediator.co.uk or calling our free helpline 0800 6122 808.

Ask your mediator a question

Additionally, we run a drop-in Mediation Clinic every other Tuesday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. in our Stockport office. Everyone is welcome to stop by, collect a free information pack with lots of useful materials and forms and have a quick chat with our 'mediator on duty'. No appointment is necessary.

Please make sure to check our Facebook page before setting off, for updates and availability.

Making an initial appointment

We offer a mediation information and assessment appointment (MIAM) for any person wishing to discuss whether the mediation process could help resolve their family difficulties. Each person can choose to attend the meeting with their ex-partner or have a separate session with a mediator alone.


The meetings are held in our offices in Stockport, Chester and Buxton. Our online service is available for anyone who cannot attend an office, or for urgent court applications if mediation is not required.


You can make a MIAM appointment by emailing us at admin@yourmediator.co.uk.  You will be asked to complete a self-referral form detailing essential information. We collect this information in order to provide mediation services to you. For further information about how we use and store your personal information please see our privacy policy.

At the information and assessment meeting important aspects of the mediation process are explained.  These include matters such as confidentiality, what you can expect from the mediator and what the mediator will expect from you. The mediator helps each person to assess whether mediation would be safe and suitable in their circumstances.

Mediation sessions

Completion of the process may involve attending between 1 and 4 mediation sessions depending upon the issues and complexity.  The sessions are normally between 1 and 2 hours in duration.


During the course of mediation your mediator will draft session summaries for you after each meeting. At the conclusion of the process the outcome is recorded in a signed Memorandum of Understanding, which contains the matters and resolutions achieved, and which will act as the basis on which your solicitor can draft your legally binding court orders.

In the case of a financial mediation your mediator will also prepare an Open Financial Statement recording a snapshot of the financial circumstances of the parties.  This 'financial disclosure' document may be used for the purposes of putting the understanding into a court order if the parties wish to achieve a full financial separation.

Free Follow up Sessions

At JR Family Mediation we offer a unique service - a free 30 minute follow up appointment a year after your mediation has concluded with some or all issues resolved. We would like to know how you have been doing following your sessions, and what changed for you and your children. We offer a choice of a face-to-face or a telephone appointment with your mediator, at the time to suit you.

Online Services

You can expect the same level and quality of service as if you were to attend a face-to-face meeting with a mediator. You can have your MIAM in the comfort of your own home and your mediator will communicate with you over Zoom. This is a secure and reliable software we use regularly.

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