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Every year, thousands of families are torn apart by bitter court battles. Relationships between separating partners are irretrievably damaged, and all too often their children, families and friends are caught up in the middle.


There is another way, a way that has helped many separating and divorcing couples build a better future for themselves and their children, without going through the court process. 


We are working closely with our clients and referrers to coordinate our response to the situation created by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Many of our clients will self-isolate and therefore unable to make their mediation appointments.


We are able to support all our clients by providing the following additional services:

  • free telephone appointments;

  • arranging and re-arranging appointments at 24hr notice;

  • live video/online mediation information and assessment appointments (MIAMs);

  • live video/online mediation session that can be attended from the comfort and safety of their home;

  • signing of court forms (C100/Form A/Form A1) without the applicant attending our offices. 


To easily secure a telephone or an initial online consultation, please proceed to our online booking calendar.


Should you have any questions or require support with your existing mediation case, we recommend that you contact us by e-mail admin@yourmediator.co.uk to get the quickest response. 

We will ensure that any messages and telephone enquiries are followed up as soon as possible.

For more support and information related to Coronavirus please visit the government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

Updated: 17 March 2020

Jen Rumble Family Mediation has been helping families affected by relationship breakdown for over 8 years.

Today we are a leading family mediation practice in the North West of England and North Wales, delivering the complete range of mediation services from our main office in Stockport and five outreach offices in Buxton, Macclesfield and Chester. 

Our proven and personal approach has helped hundreds of our clients achieve successful outcomes and avoid expensive and lengthy court proceedings. 

With an unparalleled range of qualifications and substantial experience we are able to deal with high conflict, complex national and international family disputes. We are also able to promptly assist with resolution of more straightforward matters.

Our professional mediators can help agree arrangements for children including relocation to another jurisdiction, improving parental communication post separation, assisting with a financial settlement and the amicable resolution of financial and property disputes. Our aim is to support families before, during and after divorce.

With over 6 years of experience in Child Inclusive Mediation (previously known as Direct Consultation with Children), we are the first point of call for parents who wish to ask their children for their views and opinions about the matters important to them in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.  

In cases where mediation is not suitable, we are authorised to sign court forms enabling court applications. 

Head office: 

JR Family Mediation

Brookfield House

193-195 Wellington Road South


Greater Manchester


Accreditation and Training

All enquiries 

Freephone: 0800 6122 808

Mobile:       0778 7424 832


Email: admin@yourmediator.co.uk